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Play by the rules and you will be unstoppable

Business or corporate law involves several practice areas such as mergers and acquisitions, real estate, corporate finance, and insolvency. Corporate law refers to the area of law dealing with corporations. A corporation has separate legal personality, in the sense that it is a legal person separate and distinct from its shareholders, directors and officers. Business law is a more general term which includes sole proprietorships and partnerships.


At ALF LLP, we have particular experience working with small and medium sized businesses from restaurants and medical clinics to construction and real estate holding companies. We understand that business law requires strong negotiation skills, attention to details and sharp contract drafting skills. In addition, a good corporate lawyer must demonstrate efficient time management and due diligence and ability to meet tight deadlines. The right business lawyer will help you navigate the complicated legal landscape of business law and commercial transactions with ease and legally position you for success.

We can assist you with the following business law matters:

  • Incorporation

  • Buying and selling a business

  • Franchises

  • Corporate records and minute book

  • Shareholder agreements

  • Shareholder disputes

  • Reorganization, amalgamation, dissolution

  • And more

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