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Jurgena Abdiu

Law Clerk and Lawyer Candidate

Jurgena is a law clerk and student-at-law. Jurgena has been with our firm since 2020. Last year, she graduated law school with honours from Anglia Ruskin University. Currently, she is completing an LLM in international law and the law licensing accreditation exams. Jurgena is smart, spirited, and unstoppable. During law school, she gained a coveted internship with a celebrity lawyer in the UK. Before law, she qualified for the 2004 Olympics in gymnastics and around the same time won a scholarship with the Royal Ballet.

Jurgena also speaks Spanish, Italian, Albanian, and Greek.

Phone: 905.629.2722 x 102
Fax: 905.491.6974

Jurgena Abdiu
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