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Nicole Vescio

Lawyer Candidate

Nicole completed her law degree at Queen's University Belfast and upon her call to the Bar wants to practice trusts and estates law, and real estate law.

Nicole was our first legal assistant who has shown commitment and passion not only for the practice of law generally but also for ALF specifically. Nicole is a crucial and beloved member of our team. Before law school, Nicole completed a Criminal Justice degree and has also worked as a personal investigator and as an administrative business partner in the property management field. Aside from practicing law, Nicole regularly works with landlords and tenants in both the residential and commercial space and has extensive experience dealing with real estate investors.

Hardworking and entrepreneurial, in early 2023 Nicole spearheaded our expansion into Dundas, Ontario, which now serves the Hamilton region, our second location is nicknamed The Valley Office to honour the beautiful tradition of Valley Town (Dundas, Ontario).
Phone: 905-629-2722
Fax: 905.491.6974

Nicole Vescio
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